Cambodia tours...visiting the City of Temples! 

When there is a wealth of culture and heritage abundant in one place, then it definitely qualifies for being worthy of a visit. Cambodia is one such place that has no dearth of cultural diversity and scenic beauty with just the right amount of something for everyone. Cambodia tours are never complete without a trip to Angkor Wat, which is the most frequently visited tourist destination in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is a historically prominent religious shrine built during the reign of the Khmer Empire in the 12th century by the emperor Suryavarman II and is a tribute to the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu.


This architecturally brilliant masterpiece is located in Angkor and it literally translates to "City of Temples" with Angkor meaning "city" and Wat implying "temple". Cambodia tours always comprise of a visit to this architectural marvel that is bound to leave one awestruck. What is so amazing about this monument is that it was built as a mausoleum for the emperor & a Hindu religious center and retained its hold on spirituality, by merely metamorphosing into a Buddhist shrine. It always leaves the visitor wishing that they had more time to explore it. The fame of Angkor Wat is such that it has even found a place for itself on the Cambodian flag.


All the Cambodian tours start off with taking the visitors to witness the architectural wonder that is Angkor Wat which comprises of the temple mountain and the galleried temple. The basic idea of the architecture is to recreate Mount Meru, which is the home of the Gods in Hindu mythology. There are three rectangular galleries lining the outer walls of the temple, engraved with exotic dancing figurines of ancient Hindu deities. And the best part lies in the striking arrangement of towers at the center of the temple.


When you take Cambodia tours when the weather is good, Angkor Wat presents one of the best visions that any tourist has ever encountered with the towers forming silhouettes against the rising sun and if you are lucky enough to stay and explore the place, you would get to view the temple in all its glory with a myriad colors playing against the various engraved sculptures called devatas (meaning gods) adorning the walls. No wonder many people feel that it has a likeness equivalent to that of the Seven Wonders of the World.


For shutterbugs who want to capture the beauty of Angkor Wat as life long memories, the southern and eastern parts of the temple provide just the right panoramic views. Also, though the humid weather may pose as a dampener in the entire tour, with the right accessories and wardrobe, taking Cambodia tours with Angkor Wat on your itinerary is a definite must-do. The rich cultural history and the serene beauty that leaves you speechless may not be the only reason you would want to visit Cambodia and this lovely national monument of importance. The cute little tuk-tuks (or three wheeled automobiles) are a to-die-for experience after all! 


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